Featured Contributor — Mike Mehalek

Two Good Lookin’ Mehaleks

Everyone knows someone who has had to battle cancer.  When I think back as each of my parents fought it, I realize that the many, many, many small acts of kindness are what held us together.  This book is tangible representation of these acts, a collection of well-wishes, prayers, and long distance hugs from me and from the SHU community. It’s a reminder for Donna that she is more to us than an alum, more than a friend—she’s family.

The following excerpt from Mike’s psychological mystery story “The Turnpike”:

Nothing in the last year seemed to matter.  As he strained to stay
awake along this sad and lonely stretch of time, the pure flakes
poured down in long, surreal rivulets, like a swarm of locust, before
splattering into powdery, little starbursts.

That’s when Danny passed himself.  Well it wasn’t himself exactly.  It
couldn’t have been.  It was another white car, bearing the familiar
red and white “Spirit of America” license plate Danny had finally
gotten used to seeing having moved up to Boston five years ago.

But at this hour, nearly five hundred miles away from home, that’s
exactly what Danny had thought.  I just passed myself.
About Mike:

Mike Mehalek is a country boy living in a big city and trying not to get
into too much trouble doing it. He writes thriller, horror, fantasy, literary, and flash fiction.  He is currently finishing up his novel Only Human. When not writing, you may catch him camping, listening to music, at a coffee shop, or showing someone a magic trick. Catch up on his antics at his blog http://mikemehalek.blogspot.com where he writes about writing, his travels, or anything else this piques his interest or by following him on twitter @mikemehalek.

One thought on “Featured Contributor — Mike Mehalek

  1. That story was mind-bending! Wait until they read the end. 😉

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